Allison Hakioglu, CPT

Training Philosophy:
Aly’s training philosophy is centered around setting measurable and achievable goals that are targeted towards functional movement patterns that exist in our activities of everyday life. She strongly believes that making small goals will set each individual up for success. “Taking the first step in adopting fitness into your life can be hard,” says Aly, “but staying consistent and keeping a positive mindset will only help aid in your fitness journey and continue to help in the adoption of a more fitness oriented lifestyle”.
Aly is a 2016 graduate of Salem State University with a Bachelors degree in Sports Movement Science, and is also a Certified Personal Trainer through the International Sports Science Association (ISSA). Growing up, she spent her time as a competitive dancer as well as a soccer and softball player. Playing sports motivated her to adopt a fitness oriented lifestyle and inspired her to help others in reaching their fitness goals. She loves sharing her passion of fitness with others, and enjoys helping individuals take those first steps in making changes that will positively impact their overall health and wellness. When Aly is not training clients in the gym, she loves to exercise and be outside doing various activities such as kayaking, paddle boarding and hiking. She also enjoys spending as much free time as she can with her friends and family.

Allison Hakioglu, CPT instructs the following:
  • Circuit Training
  • Circuit Training class designed to increase Muscular Endurance, Muscle Tone, Cardio Endurance and help burn fat.  This class has a moderate to high intensity level.  

  • Women's Full Body Strength
  • A total body workout consisting of exercises meant to target large muscle groups.  Participants will improve their muscular strength, build lean muscle mass and improve their muscular endurance. 

  • Keller Williams Group Training
  • A Circuit training class provided to a private group of Keller Williams Realtors.  This class focuses on burning fat and building lean muscle, while incorporating exercises into challenging and fun circuits.