Devin Harper, CPT

Training Philosophy:
Every step forward towards your goals is a battle won, You need to develop your warrior mindset, realize that hard work and dedication will see you to your goals no matter what they may be. Know that your goals and physical progression can be accomplished no matter your current age or physical abilities. I will always be willing to work with you to achieve your objectives.

I was born and raised in a small town in Maine. I started my journey within the athletic arena while just a kid. I played soccer, football, basketball, baseball, lacrosse, and competitively swam. After high school , I enlisted in the Marines Corps for 5 years and served as a Force Reconnaissance Marine. Some of my favorite hobbies involves Skydiving, Scuba diving, and rock-climbing. Presently I am enrolled in Salem State University in the Athletic Training bachelor program, I hope to attend graduate school to become a PA or a PT and give back to the veteran community in a clinical setting.

Devin Harper, CPT instructs the following:
  • Circuit Training
  • Circuit Training class designed to increase Muscular Endurance, Muscle Tone, Cardio Endurance and help burn fat.  This class has a moderate to high intensity level.  

  • Circuit Training Express
  • This class is designed to challenge you with timed efforts, multiple stations and various exercises to help increase your muscular endurance.  This class is open to all and can be modified for beginners.