Jennifer Trelegan

Jennifer Trelegan instructs the following:
  • Hardcore H20
  • Meant for those looking for a turbo-charged aqua fitness experience, this class includes high intensity cardio and water resistance to gain strength, endurance and range of motion while maintaining a low impact environment.

  • Level IV
  • Designed for swimmers who are comfortable swimming multiple lengths of the pool, this class works to refine strokes learned thus far while beginning to develop endurance. Participants will also be introduced to the breaststroke, sidestroke, and butterfly.

  • Level II
  • Free from the need for floatation aid, this class is designed for swimmers comfortable on their front and back and who are ready to swim short distances. Work will begin on simultaneous leg and arm movement with emphasis placed on proper body position; to prepare for further stroke development. In addition participants will begin work on front crawl and elementary backstroke, while continuing to improve breathing technique.

  • Level I Beginner
  • Designed for the beginner swimmer, this class emphasizes increasing your child’s confidence and ease while in the water. Starting out with the aid of a flotation device, children will work on kicking and the beginner techniques of swimming. This is a great class for children who are not timid in the water but use flotation.

  • Nursery Swim
  • First time swimmers or children who are timid in the water will become more comfortable and safe as they learn basic kicking, arm strokes and submerging their faces. Safety rules, glides, freestyle arm stroke, backstroke and supported floating will be covered in this class.

  • Level I Advanced
  • This class emphasizes increasing your endurance and confidence in the water. Starting out with some use of flotation devices, our talented instructors will gradually help swimmers gain the ability to swim without aid. Participants will also learn breathing techniques, fully submerging, and floating independently on their front and back. Small class sizes ensure your little swimmer gets off to a great start!