Brenda Canady

Brenda Canady instructs the following:
  • Intermediate Belly Dance
  • You've learned a lot of movements and now it's time to put those movements together and create magic! During this six week session, students will learn a choreography and receives tips and tricks for performance enhancement. $48 / 4 class session
    Level 1 Choreography
    Prerequisite: Beginners Tech or permission of instructor

  • Beginner Belly Dance Techniques Demo
  • Not sure if you would like bellydance? Not sure what bellydance is? Come join Samra for this one time free (!) class and get your shimmy on! It is open to nonmembers and members alike of the Beverly Athletic Club. Now is the time to give it a try before the course session starts. Dress comfortably and bring a smile.

  • Beginner's Belly Dancing Techniques
  • Get ready to Raqs!
    Raqs Sharqi (oriental dance) and Raqs Baladi (dance of the people) are the two types of belly dance we will explore in this 4 week course. With origins in the Middle East, Central Asia and North Africa, belly dance has been widely embraced throughout the world and is very popular in the United States. Women of all ages, sizes, educational and cultural backgrounds find this dance to be an empowering, healthy, and fun dance form. Middle Eastern dance is very “grounded” and “rounded” so we will be dancing barefoot and practicing circular movements. This ancient art uniquely uses isolated body movements in which the upper body becomes “separate” from the lower body, as does the lower from the upper. Once we have that mastered, we’ll add transitional movements for fluidity and grace. Belly dance is a full body low impact work out to exotic music from around the world. Prepare to find some muscles you didn’t know you have! Improve your posture and flexibility while discovering your inner goddess and her beauty.
    Wear comfortable workout clothes, no shoes necessary, a bottle of water, and a smile.  $48 / 4 class session