Beverly Athletic Club Policies

BAC Parking Policy

  • BAC members and guests are invited to park in the Northshore Education Consortium parking lot, located to the left of the BAC parking entrance, after 3:00pm weekdays and on weekends.
  • BAC members and guests are invited to park in the Kaiser parking lot, located to the right of the BAC parking entrance, after 5:00pm weekdays and on weekends.
  • Parking in the Northshore Education Consortium or Kaiser parking lots outside of agreed hours may result in vehicles being towed at your own expense.



Aquatic Center Use

  • Children under the age of 16 are only permitted to use the Aquatic Center during scheduled family swim hours. Violation of this rule will result in membership at BAC being terminated.
  • Pool rules and regulations posted in the pool area and on the back of the Aquatic Center schedule must be followed at all times.
  • During family swim times, a lifeguard will be on duty to enforce any pool rules rules and to ensure member safety. All lifeguard instructions are to be followed immediately without contest.
  • During family swim times, parents/guardians are required to stay within the general pool area i.e., the pool deck, the adjacent sun deck, or the immediate adjacent grassy areas.
  • Beverly Aquatic Center has a ‘three strike’ policy. If pool rules are violated by a child on three occasions their parent/guardian will be required to remain in the immediate pool area, on the pool deck at all times that their child is in the water, for a period of two weeks,
  • Violation of pool rules and regulations during a ‘three strike’ restriction may result in the child losing his/her pool privileges for a period of time determined by the Aquatics Director.
  • During family swim times, the shallow end of the pool recreation area is cordoned off. All swimmers wishing to leave this area must pass the swim test which involves swimming the length of the pool unaided, without stopping or touching the bottom or sides of the pool.


 For more information, contact Membership Director Jill Guinasso-Petit at or call 978-927-0920 Ext: 20