Commit To Get Fit Testimonials

The Commit to Get Fit program at BAC is changing lives for the better.  This 13 week program is bringing life changing results to its participants.  Individuals are enrolling in the program for a wide variety of reasons.  Each of them are on their own journey, but as a group they are supporting each other and building friendships. They are holding each other accountable by working in a group setting.

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  • 90 Days of Personal or Family Commitment 
  • 90 Days of Nutrition Education 
  • 90 Days of Key Behavior Modification 
  • 90 Days of Fitness Training 
  • 90 Days of Stress Management 
  • 90 Days to Transform Your Life Forever 


The “Commit to Get Fit" program at the Beverly Athletic Club does not require a long term commitment, initiation fee, or membership fee, and the purchase of products is not required!! We are so sure of our past success we will guarantee results! For less than your morning trip to the drive-thru, Beverly Athletic Club will give you the personalized fitness and nutrition plan to meet your goals. To ensure you stick with the plan, you will work with a wellness coach weekly and have unlimited access to all of the health and sport facilities at the Beverly Athletic Club. Check out our program outline for more information. If you are not satisfied during the first 30 days, simply withdraw from the program and receive a refund. 


Program Participant Testimonials


“This class has been huge for me personally to help break my many bad habits, in terms of what is real healthy eating and fitting in exercise with a stressful job. Alicia and Lauren have really opened my eyes and have come up with solutions that fit my lifestyle. They have been tremendous and have been very supportive in helping me reach my goals. This program is good not only for weight loss, but it's good for anyone looking to take the next step in your overall health."


Peter Souris, CTGF member