Beverly Athletic Club Corporate Wellness Information

Our Corporate Wellness program reduces monthly dues for you & your colleagues!

Whether your weekly routine brings you into the club before or after work, there’s no denying that an active lifestyle best prepares you physically and mentally for all that lies ahead. Most businesses understand that a healthy team is an efficient and productive one. That is why we offer comprehensive Corporate Wellness options for companies that subsidize memberships for their employees!

Want to get your company on board? We can help! Submit this Corporate Wellness Information Sheet and we’ll follow up with your employer to see how we can reduce dues for you and your coworkers!

Learn more about our Corporate Wellness options here.


Corporate Wellness Information Sheet

Thank you for your assistance with this information. As soon as we can arrange a corporate membership program with your company, we will reduce your dues to the corporate rate and send you a nice thank you gift for your efforts.

Name/title of person responsible for making company decisions:

His/her contact information:

For more information about on Beverly Athletic Club's Corporate Wellness program, please contact Jill Guinasso-Petit, Membership & Wellness Director at or call 978-927-0920 Ext: 20