Moxy Testing at Beverly Athletic Club

What is MOXY Testing?

MOXY are muscle oxygen sensors that will track how the effected muscles are working during a set protocol for endurance athletes. The MOXY units track both muscle oxygen percentage as well as total hemoglobin at the muscles being monitored. Based off how these numbers change we are able to get an accurate representation of when an athlete moves from one training zone to the next. With this information we can get a 100% effective measure of what their exact training should look like in order to improve no matter what their current programming or ability is like.


What Are The Benefits of MOXY Testing?

  • Moxy is so small and light that you forget you’re wearing it.

  • Moxy interfaces with many existing devices and software programs that use ANT+

  • Internal data recording allows Moxy be used where radio transmission of data is difficult, such as under water

  • Provides real time physiologic feedback

  • The Moxy algorithm is insensitive to motion, so it can be used in even the most vigorous sports

  • Moxy is physiologically accurate; it is designed to measure into muscle tissue through up to 12 mm (1/2”) of fat layer thickness

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MOXY Testing at Beverly Athletic Club in Beverly, MA

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