MYZONE March Madness at BAC

MYZONE at Beverly Athletic ClubWith March Madness right around the corner we have decided to use the bracket set-up for our next challenge.  All are welcome to join!  This contest will be based on total MEPs earned.  The Zones that will count will be BLUE, GREEN, YELLOW, & RED only.   

The breakdown is as follows:

Week 1
Opening week (3/2 to 3/7) this is everyone

Week 2
Sweet 16 (3/9 to 3/14) Top 16 MEP earners from week 1

Week 3
Elite 8  (3/16 to 3/21) Top 8 MEP earners from week 2

Week 4
Final 4 (3/23 to 3/28) Top 4 MEP earners from week 3 – Highest MEP earner from this week wins !

**Each week will be an elimination round and run Monday through Saturday.  Only the top 16 in week 1, top 8 in week 2 and top 4 in week 3 will advance.  The winner will be the top MEP earner from the final four in week 4.

**Sundays are everyone’s day to upload and rest.  Workouts from Sunday will not count.  The next round is determined at 6pm Sunday and new invites sent.  Workouts done outside of the club will only count if they are uploaded by Sunday before 6pm.  



MYZONE March Madness Bracket

MYZONE March Madness Bracket at Beverly Athletic Club

For more information on MYZONE, March Madness or any other offering at the Award Winning Beverly Athletic Club, please contact Jason Mason, Fitness Director at


All prizes are redeemable at Solei Salon & Spa, located inside our facilities.

1st place

1 hour massage, 3 – 1 hour personal training sessions

Top 4 

½ hour massage or facial, 3 – 30 min personal training sessions

Elite 8

1 hour massage for the price of a ½ hour massage, 5 – program days

Sweet 16

Come in for one service and get a second service at ½ price (equal or lesser value) – 3 program days

What is MYZONE?

We at the Beverly Athletic Club want to see you succeed. That is why we invested into MYZONE. MYZONE is a new innovative heart rate based system that uses wireless and cloud technology to accurately and conveniently monitor physical activity. It monitors heart rate, calories and time exercising that converts into MYZONE Effort Points (MEPs), with a focus on rewarding effort rather than fitness. MYZONE users simply wear a comfortable MYZONE Physical Activity Belt (heart rate strap), which is registered online, to monitor all concerted physical activity in real time, allowing users to view their progress in their personal account.

MYZONE enhances enjoyment of physical activity by providing personal, colour-coded guidance and motivational feedback both inside and outside.  With all the tracking you can do and different data you can look at you will for sure stay motivated!  If not………. WE HAVE YOU COVERED!   Once a quarter we will be hosting challenges among all MYZONE users.  You can win great prizes along the way of changing your body!  If you like our club wide challenges you can also reach out to Jason Mason at to schedule a private one among you and peers!

If you need a belt please contact our personal training or front desk staff to purchase yours today.  You cannot improve tomorrow if you do not remember what you did today!

For more information on MYZONE, please click here   If you have purchased a MYZONE belt and would like ot get involved in the MARCH MADNESS, please email Jason Mason, Fitness Director at