Lunchtime Pilates at Beverly Athletic Club

Pilates. Lunchtime. You.  

Struggling to squeeze a workout into your busy schedule?  Trying to shape up during your lunch break? We’ve got your answer - Pilates Reformer at Soul Movement. Pilates is a total body workout and is a great way to get a strong core,  increased flexibility and more energy. It’s a dynamic, flowing class that will stimulate and refresh you past the post-lunch energy dip, chase away your stress, and return you to your desk a better person! Now doesn’t that sound better than a sandwich and a bag of chips?

Monday, Wednesday & Thursday

For more information, contact Beth Fielder at
 *You’ll also find those same great benefits in all our Reformer classes scheduled throughout the day!





Soul Movement is located inside the Award Winning Beverly Athletic Club

For more information, email Beth Fielder at or call 978-927-0920 Ext: 23
7 Reservoir Road, Beverly, MA 01915

Mommy and Me Pilates at BAC
  • "Physical fitness is the first requisite of Happiness."

    - Joseph Pilates


  • "Let us teach you something that will last all your life"

    - Joseph Pilates