Member Referral Program (Slap Five and Save) at BAC

Program Information

Beverly Athletic Club offers its members a referral program with endless rewards! For every successful referral, your monthly dues will be reduced by $5.00 monthly for each membership.


Refer friends and family, lower your dues!

As long as your friends and family are current at the time of billing, you will continue to see the deduction in your monthly dues. If at any time one of the memberships you referred freezes, cancels or misses a billing cycle, you won’t receive the credit for that month.


Simple Math:

  • Refer 1 member: $ave $ 5.00 each month.
  • Refer 2 members: $ave $10.00 each month


When do I get my referral credit?

If you refer a friend and he/she joins BAC on on January 10th and his/her scheduled auto pay is the 10th of each month so February 10th is his/her first auto pay, and your schedule auto pay is February 27th your will receive your $5.00 credit for his/her referral on our March 27th auto pay. 


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For more information, contact Membership Director Jill Guinasso-Petit at or call 978-927-0920 Ext: 20

Slap Five and Save at BAC

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