Strength Training for Endurance Athletes at BAC

What is Strength Training for Endurance Athletes?

While I have been working with Endurance athletes on a 1v1 basis, I haven’t had the equipment I’ve wanted to be able to provide the absolute best opportunity for these athletes to get better as I would have wanted. With this new room this all changes, I’m bringing in brand new equipment that will be geared towards making these athletes better at being endurance athletes.

The great news? Most of this equipment will be incredibly effective at making other athletes a lot more effective at their sport too.

I’m very excited to have this new equipment as it opens up many opportunities to be able to keep the workouts effective and conscience . Up until this point I have never offered a group adult programming option, but with the expansion of this room I finally have the space and equipment that I see fit where I can adequately provide this service. Group programs will offer semi-customizable programs for each individual. So unlike in typical programs run at gyms where every single person is doing the SAME program, each person will get a program based off their needs and demands with current training, experience, and injury history. This will come at a cheaper price point as you won’t have 1v1 attention on form, but I will be assisting each individual. You’re going to love it.


What Are The Benefits of Strength Training for Endurance Athletes?

  • Improve breathing by training your diaphragm like the muscle it is.

  • Increase your body awareness.

  • Help you gain control of your muscles.

  • Improve flexibility while making sure you know how to use your new ranges.

  • Reduce stubborn tension in your body.

  • Make your joints healthier.

  • Function as a regular diagnostic tool to discover potential issues before they cause problems.


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