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Personal Training at BAC

Thanks for visiting my personal page. I want to see you succeed in your fitness goals here at the Award Winning Beverly Athletic Club.

Please complete the form below, and I will follow up with your friends, coworker or family members that you have selected, and invite them on your behalf to experience all that BAC has to offer. When they join our personal training team, they will receive 10% off their first package and you will receive 1 session for every 8 sessions they purchase. (equal to the sessions they purchase – 30 minutes for 30 minutes)

That’s not all! If they are a non-member and join our facility you will receive 5 dollars off your monthly dues for as long as they stay a member! Bring enough friends and you could be enjoying a membership and training for free for a great amount of time!

I am confident they will love the wide range of services and programs we have to offer. I will get them started on the journey to health and wellness. If they have any questions about our many services, I will make sure they connect with one of my colleagues.

Remember if they join the club, we will lower your dues each and every month that they are an active member. Information is below.

Stay Healthy,

Mike Weisman, CPT

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Why Workout With A Trainer?

Best Bets 2014See why so many members of Beverly Athletic Club have hired a trainer. Please click here to see the top 10 reasons why!

If you have any questions, on any of the offering here at the Award Winning Beverly Athletic Club, please contact Jason Mason, Fitness Director at jmason@beverlyathletic.com


Referral Program Information

Beverly Athletic Club offers its members a referral program with endless rewards! For every successful referral, your monthly dues will be reduced by $5.00 monthly for each membership. For more information on this great program, please click here


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Small Group Training

Beverly Athletic Club also offers a wide range of small group training programs.   From Boot Camps, TRX, Tabata and so much more.   To learn more about Small Group Training here at the Award Winning Beverly Athletic Club, please click here