Wellness Services at Beverly Athletic Club

What BAC Offers

  • Personal coaching with a certified Wellness Coach and Personal Trainer

  • Personal nutrition support and guidance

  • Incorporating healthy lifestyle changes into your daily routine

  • Uncovering limiting beliefs and clearing bad habits and influences that are holding you back

  • Discovering passions and desires to propel you forward


  • For those who are new/beginners to fitness and nutrition

  • Individuals who are overweight or obese.

  • Guidance on meal planning, food label reading, today’s nutrition, etc.

  • Individuals who need accountability on journaling fitness and nutrition

  • When did you eat, what did you eat, what was your hunger level, where did you eat, what was your mood, etc.

  • When did you exercise, how long did you exercise, how many calories did you burn, how did you feel during your exercise, etc.

  • Stress management techniques for individuals with high stress levels due to work, career, family, social life, etc.

  • Behavioral modifications for those who have bad/negative habits

  • The “circle of life”- wellness balancing for all aspects of life

  • For those who may need modifications on exercises due to contraindications

  • Individuals who are referred by their doctor to pursue a lifestyle change to incorporate fitness and nutrition

Wellness, is universally defined as
– the balance of the mind, the body and the spirit to create an overall feeling of well-being.   You try so hard to take care of yourself with diet and exercise, so why aren’t you losing weight, having more energy, or feeling better about yourself?

Incorporating wellness into your diet and exercise routine will greatly increase their effects and benefits. Why? Because things like stress, relationships, career, social belonging, food and emotional cravings are most likely affecting the results you are working so hard to achieve.

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BAC Wellness Offerings:

  • Wellness Assessment

  • Wellness Counseling

  • Wellness FUNdamentals

Your Journey

By removing barriers and limitations the door of opportunity opens even wider and you are freer to live the life you deserve. With newfound happiness, consciousness and awareness it is so much easier to take care of yourself in a healthy way – not by following the latest diet or exercise fad, but by choosing a lifestyle that makes sense to you and is personally achievable.

With health and wellness coaching, nutritional support and guidance is created based on the individual person. Self-improvement work is given for self-exploration and development. Exercise programs are tailored to what you prefer as well as what your body needs.

Your Results

You and your coach, together, will create a list of goals that are important for you to achieve a higher standard of health and wellness. 

It’s not easy to incorporate change into your routine. Changing habits and lifestyle is challenging, but with your coach you are never alone. Your coach has your best interest at heart and wants the very best for you, just as much as you want it.

 Embrace change and enjoy everything you learn. When we surpass our comfort zone we break our mold and great changes occur.

 In wellness and health we move well, eat well and be well.