Zoo yoga takes you through every part of the zoo, from the insect  and reptile houses to the ape cage and the oceanarium.  Through imagination the children will come face to face with a tiger, look through the eyes of a giraffe, do the monkey dance and walk as gracefully as a flamingo.

For a current listing of session, please see below or contact Emily Jellerson, Program Director at or call 978-927-0920 Ext: 45 or Kelly O'Connor at or call 978-927-0920 Ext 48

BAC gets youngsters involved & help them grow!

Building Active Children @ BAC

The philosophy of the club’s Building Active Children department is to promote a healthy active lifestyle among the children and families we serve.  We do this through high quality fitness and wellness programs and nutrition tips.  By offering a safe and healthy atmosphere, we hope to inspire an early love for sports, fitness that be a foundation for a healthy way of life.

The club’s Youth Activity Center (YAC) is more than a “babysitting room”, is an interactive space that’s provides children a safe and healthy atmosphere to build a positive relationships, self-confident, independence.