Virtual Fitness

How does Fitness on Demand work?

If you find yourself searching for “a gym near me” because the ones you have tried don’t offer group fitness classes at the times that work for you, then look no further. Here at Beverly Athletic Club, we offer fitness classes on demand, which means you can workout whenever it works for you.

This allows us to satisfy a need for more flexible and convenient programming in group fitness. Fitness On Demand™ provides an easy group fitness or individual workout solution that gives members instant access to MORE of the classes they want.

Fitness on Demand provides an option for taking group exercise classes when no actual class is scheduled. Classes can be individual or taken with others. Perfect for the busy parent, the college student who wants to work out in between classes or an employee who works late — anyone who can’t attend a scheduled instructor-led fitness class will appreciate the Fitness on Demand service.

Some classes are already pre-loaded at Beverly Athletic Club, based on what members have shown interest in, and ready to go in 2 studios at our Reservoir Road location. However, at our Beverly Athletic Club Express 24/7 location at the Cummings Center, you will be able to make your own choice simply by selecting from the expansive library group fitness classes and pushing play at the kiosk.

Once the class is selected it will start in just a few minutes with an on-screen instructor leading the class. When the class ends the system will automatically power down. Now we can offer more group fitness classes for members to choose from, in the time frame that works best for their schedule. Group fitness classes include P90X, Gaiam®, Cathe, Virtual Active, Zumba, dance, step, cardio, yoga, and so much more.

To learn more about Fitness on Demand, reach out to the Beverly Athletic Club today for more information.