Holiday Hustle Challenge

Thank you for your interest in the BAC Holiday Hustle Challenge!

We’ve crafted a challenge to help you thrive during the holidays and end the year strong by focusing on straightforward actions that bring results. Inside, you’ll find a habit tracker to boost your success not just during this holiday season, but in the long run too. Research shows that tracking habits not only helps you reach your goals faster but also enables you to surpass them effortlessly.

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SIPS OF WELLNESS to our members via the club’s Mobile App and in the club’s Recovery Room.  It is more important than ever to focus on your mental and physical well being.  The club’s new wellness technology platform delivers immersive, nature-based restorative experiences to our members where you live, work, play or at your community club in your new Recovery Room

Everyone’s stressed. Nature helps, and so do restorative practices of yoga and stretching, meditation, and breath-work. Recovery is key to your overall wellness and performance.

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