We are incredibly thankful to have been able to keep BAC running and available to our members since July 6th. We are grateful for the ongoing support from both members and staff as we worked together to ensure the safety and health of our Beverly Athletic Club Community.

Our commitment to providing the safest place in our local community has been achieved through our joint efforts each day. Beverly Athletic Club has met this challenge and succeeded at a level we could not have imagined was possible.

 As we approach May 29th, we believe that continuing to follow the State and CDC guidance is the right course of action for the Club. With that in mind, here are the updates to the Club Policies that will start on that date.  As always, If you have any symptoms of COVID-19 or have been around someone who is sick, you should stay home and away from others.


As outlined by the CDC and the State of Massachusetts, Fully Vaccinated Members will be allowed the choice of being “mask optional” when using the club. For those who choose to continue to wear a mask while exercising, this will be accepted and understood by all. You should do whatever feels comfortable as it relates to your health.

Non-Vaccinated Members should continue to wear a mask at all times within the Club. Each person who uses the Club needs to take responsibility for themselves by remaining in a mask if not fully vaccinated.

If scheduled for a personal service like personal training, or massage etc., you may request the team member to wear a mask during your service.  We also may ask that you wear a mask for the duration of your service.


Wiping down equipment by members is still required. Keeping the equipment clean and sanitary within the Club is a top priority. Be a considerate member of our community and continue to wipe down your equipment after use. You would like to know the equipment is clean when you start using it so please ensure that is the case for everyone else.

  • Personal Spray Bottles We have increased the personal spray bottle tables and wipe dispensers throughout the club for easy access.
  • Enhanced Cleaning Protocols The club’s enhanced Cleaning Protocols are part of who we are and will remain part of the club’s daily cleaning routine throughout the day.
  • AirPHX We have made a significant investment and installed new technology called AirPHX in both locations.  AirPHX takes the ambient air that goes through plasma cells in the unit and oxidizes the molecules that exit the unit and begin reducing  over 90% of airborne and 95% of surface pathogens.  
  • UV Pool Sanitation Ultraviolet water treatment has been proven safer, healthier, and easier to manage than other methods to increase pool sanitation.  In addition to our saltwater management of the pool, the non-chemical process of UV sanitation uses germicidal UV light rays to sanitize the water.   
  • Pool Testing: We will continue to follow the enhanced number of times we test the pool throughout the day as was outlined in the original covid opening guidelines per the state. 


BAC Express, located at 600 Cummings Center, will resume 24 hour access effective May 29, 2021.  This club is open to all Express members and any members of the main club ages 18 and over.  Members of BAC Express that wish to experience everything the main club has to offer, can see a membership rep for upgrade details or can also pay a reduced $10.00 daily guest fee to visit the main club.   


Minor adjustments have been made to both of these spaces and we will continue to make adjustments in the weeks ahead.  Many of the protective barriers will remain as we continue to make adjustments and gauge usage as we figure out what is the new normal. 


Live classes have returned to the main studio upstairs. Reservations are still required for all classes.   We will continue to offer a LIVE and VIRTUAL class schedule.  Please make sure to sign up for the experience you wish to attend (live or virtual.)  Each live class will have an assigned “workout zone”  and are clearly marked in yellow on the ceiling of the studio.   We will be streaming the class out to all members virtually at the same time. 

We will continue to add classes to the club’s VOD library so you can experience your favorite classes and instructor on your own time. 

RPM and Sprint – Live classes will be offered in the main studio on the upper level (temporarily in phase 1).  We will be broadcasting the class to the RPM studio also.  Please make sure you sign up for the correct studio. The class will be listed twice under (Group Ex – Live Classes in the BAC APP,) this will start effective Friday, June 4th.   SCHEDULE: You can find the Group Ex schedule on the club’s website

Group Ex @ BAC Express – The club’s Group Ex Virtual classes will be streamed in the small studio at the Express during staffed hours.   Any Express member that wishes to upgrade and have full access to the Virtual class and the VOD library, please see membership to upgrade. 


The Club’s Sports Courts have reopened for basketball, pickleball and other recreational activities.   The courts could have restricted access during certain times for club programming.    SCHEDULE:  You can find a sport court schedule on the club’s website


The steam and Sauna and all showers will be available.  The wet area closes 15 minutes prior to the  club closing, so please plan your workout accordingly. 


The Youth Activity Center is currently open with expanded hours this summer.   Please watch for more details or visit https://beverlyathletic.com/yac-reservations/


Reservations are required for family swim.  Family Swim hours will expand for the Summer effective Monday, June 28, 2021.   SCHEDULE: You can find a copy of the Family Swim schedule on the club’s website: https://beverlyathletic.com/aquatics/familyswim/


We are working on plans to bring back the club’s signature H.I.I.T. program.  Watch for more details as we move forward.