Over the past several weeks, the club’s leadership team has been working tirelessly on a comprehensive reopening strategy. This plan builds upon Beverly Athletic Club’s high standards of health, safety, and cleanliness – and takes them to the highest level. As a member of the club you are also a key player in this detailed plan.

We realize this is an adjustment for everyone. We ask first and foremost, be kind, be considerate, and be mindful of others. We want the club to be a sanctuary for your well-being.

▪Prior to arriving at the club we ask that members, clients and patients take a self evaluation health assessment. (please click here to review assessment)
▪Disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer have been installed at each entrance to the club.
▪Team members will disinfect door handles and all lobby common areas throughout the day.
▪Side Door Entrance: The Side Door Entrance is only for members and Soul PT patients that need ground level access to the club or clinic.
▪All members will need to scan in to gain access to the club.
▪Members will need to wear masks or face coverings to enter the building and in all transitions from workout studios to locker rooms etc.. (still waiting for direction and guidance from the state)
▪All members will need to practice social distancing with fellow members and staff. Please click here to see the signs that have been installed throughout the club.

▪In addition to existing continuous cleaning protocols, we will add a rigorous deep-cleaning and disinfecting process overnight. Designated areas of the club will be sectioned off during the day to facilitate the deep cleaning.
▪We have purchased a machine that will allow us the capability to do a deep disinfecting mist cleaning of the facility overnight. (Please click here to review a video of the machine and us cleaning the cardio floor)
▪All team members will be part of the cleaning process, pre and post class, during and after each training session.
▪Additional man-power and resources will be part of the rigorous daily cleaning club wide.
▪Additional disinfection wipe stations have been installed throughout the club.
▪Personal disinfection spray bottles. As you enter the club you can pick up a personal disinfectant spray bottle and cleaning cloth to use during your workout. You will return it to a separate table once your workout is complete and the bottle will be disinfected. This is just an additional option for you.
▪BAC CLUB SHIELD – we have invested into a software program that dates and time stamps when each piece of equipment or studio has been disinfected by the club’s team.

Members will be asked to use hand sanitizer when entering the club and frequently throughout their visit. Hand sanitizer will be available at the entrances and exits as well as throughout the club. All stations are clearly marked throughout the club. Staff will be checking stations throughout the day to ensure that they are functioning properly.


Over the past several weeks, we established a task force that has been working tirelessly on a comprehensive reopening strategy. This plan builds upon The Workout Club’s high standards of health, safety, and cleanliness – and takes them to the highest level.

▪BAC Team Members will have temperatures taken prior to entering the club via touchless
thermometers. Per CDC guidelines, team members with a body temperature greater than 100.4 degrees won’t be permitted entry into the club.
▪Team members will be wearing a mask, facecover.
▪All team members will be provided with a personal safety kit that includes items they need to perform their job, including a washable mask, hand sanitizer, and personal disinfectant to clean work space and other items to perform tasks to keep them and every member safe.
▪All team members will be cleaning and have completed training on new cleaning protocol and social distance training as outlined in the states reopening guidelines.