Family Services Director Introduction

Soon, all Family Services at the BAC will soon be the responsibility of one person, and I’m writing this to introduce myself! My name is Steve Schack, and after returning to the Beverly Athletic Club after a brief 1½ years away, I have moved into a leadership role in which I have direct influence over the Youth Programs offered by the BAC. After holding numerous positions in a municipal recreation department, I am making the transition into recreation in a private industry. My specialties have been in programs with a large number of kids, especially school vacation programs and before/after school programs. I am excited to bring fresh ideas and a high level of energy to a position that I am passionate about. Look out for the increase in youth and family driven opportunities available around the BAC.

With the fast-approaching New Year looming, my biggest focus is to re-implement regularly schedule youth programs. I want to offer consistent options for our clients because I believe that it’s important to have kids learning and doing a variety of things. Going hand-in-hand with offering fresh content, collecting feedback from kids and parents is also important to generate fresh ideas. With all of these reintroduced programs, don’t forget about our existing swim lessons and birthday party program!

I want to welcome anyone that would like discuss my vision any further to call, email, or drop in to my office for a chat. If we haven’t already met, I’m looking forward to it!