What is Kinstretch?

While Kinstretch may have different aspects that you recognize as appearing similar to other methods and modalities, it’s vastly different in the approach it takes and calculated assessments to better determine a lot of information.

Kinstretch is a movement enhancement system that develops maximum body control, flexibility, and USABLE ranges of motion. It is designed to be a group class that creates better articular health, mobility and movement needed for the demands of life, sport, exercise, running, hobbies and just about anything else you could think of.

Kinstretch is much more than stretching. Not only does it open up new ranges of motion for your joints, but it teaches your body how to control the new ranges. This is key. Rather than being an alternative to other forms of exercise, mobility, or flexibility programs, Kinstretch is a system that prepares you for all these other things. So if you want to strength train, run, do yoga, etc. then Kinstretch will help ensure that your joints can handle the movements and exercises involved in these activities. It will also help maintain and improve joint function for overall well-being and longevity.

What Are The Benefits of Kinstretch?

  • Improve breathing by training your diaphragm like the muscle it is.
  • Increase your body awareness.
  • Help you gain control of your muscles.
  • Improve flexibility while making sure you know how to use your new ranges.
  • Reduce stubborn tension in your body.
  • Make your joints healthier.
  • Function as a regular diagnostic tool to discover potential issues before they cause problems.