group of people on a circuit training course using TRX bands


two women lifting kettle bells overhead while squating

Circuit Training for Total Body Workout

Circuit training refers to pairing multiple exercises together with structured work:rest ratios in order to perform your workout efficiently and effectively! Our circuit training gym allows you to select the equipment that works for you, while burning calories and toning your body. Our circuit training setup should take about 30 minutes to get through.

Over the course of time, people often develop movement deficiencies in their bodies, as a result of lack of exercise, minimal use of certain muscles, or even overuse. Often physical problems arise from going about daily activities in a way that can create physical aches, pains and even injuries affecting flexible movement and agility. Retraining your body to move through proper coordination patterns will let you experience the full effects of functional exercise. Start moving with our circuit training setup at our Beverly gym today.

For absolute beginners to advanced fitness abilities, circuit training at Beverly Athletic Club allows you to move at your own pace and bring a sense of athletic movement to your body. Come see our setup today.