Our Personal Trainers

Alex Johnson, CSCS

Alex Johnson, CSCS Personal Trainer
Training Philosophy:
Whether your goal is to lose body fat, increase muscle mass, improve overall health, or compete at your highest level, I believe you should train with a purpose and work hard to continuously challenge yourself. No matter your fitness goals, I will help you focus on them and get the results you want.
Alex graduated from Plymouth State University where he earned a Bachelors of Science in Exercise Science. Alex began his professional career as a Strength and…

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Jason Mason, ATC, CSCS

Jason Mason, ATC, CSCS Personal Trainer
Training Philosophy:
If you bring the goals and commitment, I’ll provide the knowledge and the support to push you to the next level! I have over 18 years of experience in the fitness industry and love being apart of a staff who also have the education and experience to lead you down your own unique path of success. Each of us have different factors in our lives that can pose unique challenges to accomplishing our goals; from our careers to our family, lifestyle to exercise preferences, I…

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Brandon LaVack, LMT, CPT

Brandon LaVack, LMT, CPT Personal Trainer
Training Philosophy:
Training sessions need to be challenging, but scaled depending on your current fitness level. I want all my clients to get the results they are looking for in a timely manner. I don’t believe in doing the same workout for every single client. Each client comes in with different needs, different starting points and plans of action that will best assist them in reaching their goals. My passion for fitness and my motivation/dedication towards reaching goals shows while…

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Erica Miller, Health Coach, CPT

Erica Miller, Health Coach, CPT Personal Trainer
I believe everyone’s journey is unique and we should always strive to create the best versions of ourselves no matter what this looks like in comparison to others. When we set our minds to something the possibilities we are capable of are endless, and I am passionate about helping everyone discover what makes them feel their best, not only physically, but mentally as well. Through personal experience, I have learned about the difference that physical activity can make on our minds and bodies and I am dedicated to guiding you toward a love for a healthy lifestyle, however that may look.

I graduated from Saint Joseph’s College of Maine with a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science. During my senior year of college, I spent time interning in multiple physical therapy offices with many different populations and used this time to learn about the human body and how it can be challenged and healed through exercise.


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Jarrid Crocker, CPT

Jarrid Crocker, CPT Personal Trainer
Training Philosophy:
Regularly training both the mind and body to become stronger is something I wholeheartedlybelieve in. Exercising the body improves the state of health and how you feel. Exercising the mind lets the body see it is capable of anything.
I started my fitness career lifting in college. There I learned the importance of correct form, and the importance of regular exercise to stay healthy. I have found educating clients on functional movements to increase ease of…

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