Training options at Beverly Athletic Club

Personal training is a one-on-one kind of training that helps you target those trouble areas with the guided help of certified trainers. At the Beverly Athletic Club, our nationally certified personal trainers develop individualized exercise prescriptions designed to help you reach your fitness goals. Our team of personal trainers will educate and challenge you with appropriate, safe and functional exercises and techniques to put you on a fast track to success while keeping you injury free.

Our trainers will show you why we are the best gym in Beverly. Our personal trainers work with beginners and show them how to perform the exercises for maximum results. It doesn’t matter whether you are brand new, want to tone your body, or struggle with your weight. Our focus is on giving you the best results and the best service, while giving you healthy workout habits for life. Plus, working with our trainers allow you to learn the exercises to avoid injuries.

Our dedicated, experienced, and motivating staff at the Beverly Athletic Club support you every stretch of the way, so you can work at your own pace and get to where you want to go quicker and more effectively! For more information on personal training at Beverly Athletic Club, please contact Alex Johnson at [email protected].