Pilates Classes

(Currently Closed) Our small group Pilates classes are designed for every skill level

Our Pilates classes are designed with you in mind. We want you to feel comfortable at our Beverly gym, whether you are experienced or a beginner. We, therefore, offer all kinds of options for you, including studio classes and even private lessons. We want you to succeed and we are there for you every step of the way.

At Soul Movement, you will find a friendly and compassionate atmosphere. Your success is our primary focus. Our instructors are experienced in all facets of Pilates and are attentive to your personal needs. Our classes are rooted in the Classical Method but incorporate contemporary movements and variations as well, always keeping it fresh and challenging.

Private lessons are the most effective way to learn, practice, and perfect your Pilates performance. You will receive undivided attention from your instructor who will develop a customized program addressing your specific goals to provide optimum results. Lessons will be conducted in a private setting on the Reformer and may include the EXO Chair, mat, barre or TRX depending on your specific needs and desires. Private instruction is ideal for learning the fundamentals of Pilates, progressing your practice, or for those who need to focus on a previous injury or special conditions.

Want a private class with a friend? Well, our duet option gives you all the benefits of a private lesson, but you get to share the workout with a partner. Both participants should be of a similar ability level.

To ensure you get the best workout possible in our Pilates studio, our classes never exceed 5 people. This means that you will get personal attention and instructions to ensure the best workout possible. We offer classes for all ability levels, so you can always find the right fit for you! Check out our classes below.

Reformer 101: This is a class for those with no prior Reformer experience. Participants will receive training in the use of the equipment, proper breathing techniques and form. You will perform basic movements and master the fundamentals of the Reformer, providing you a strong foundation from which to progress your practice. Those with no prior experience MUST attend Reformer Basics or 3 Private lessons before entering any other Group Classes.

Level II Reformer Class: For those who have completed Reformer 101 or have prior Reformer experience. Continued focus on proper body alignment, form, stabilization, and exercise progression will be the objective in this class. You will have the opportunity to practice and perfect what you have already learned, add new exercises to your repertoire, continue to build core strength and increase your flexibility in this workout. Class moves at a quicker, but comfortable pace.

Mixed Level Reformer Class: Mixed Level classes are a varied, full-body workout designed to lengthen and strengthen the body while enhancing flexibility and balance. Exercises and pace are determined by the level of the students in attendance.
Level III Reformer Class: These classes are for the more advanced Pilates enthusiasts. Students will experience more difficult sequences and variations and may include the use of props such as balls and Magic Circles. Exercises will progress at a much more rapid pace, challenging strength and endurance. (Please check with your instructor before attending to see that this is a suitable class for you.)

Cardio Jumpboard Class: Challenge your core, elevate your heart rate, and train your coordination with this fun and effective cardio Reformer class. You’ll burn calories, tone your body, and build power and endurance — all with minimal impact on knees and hip joints. The benefits are amazing! Participants must have previous Reformer experience or have completed Reformer Basics.

Want to improve your Pilates skills? Come by our Beverly gym and check out the Pilates studio today.