Adult Swim Lessons

Adult swimming lessons at Beverly Athletic Club have amazing health benefits

At our Beverly health club, we offer a wide range of classes for adults looking to learn how to swim, to learn a new skill like springboard diving, or to find a new way to work out in our water fitness classes. A reminder, adult aquatics classes are open to the greater Beverly community.

Swimming is an excellent alternative to cardio machines, and it is a great form of all-around exercise, ideal for any age or fitness level. Swimming is also a relaxing, low-pressure exercise that can improve mood, relieve stress, and help you unwind. Many swimmers describe feeling more relaxed after they get into the groove of swimming as a part of their regular exercise routine.

Alternating different swim strokes helps to work a large variety of muscle groups. Water can support up to 90% of the body’s weight, making it an ideal form of exercise for people with injuries, chronic pain, or disabilities. Unlike running and strength training, swimming is an exercise you can do almost every day without risk of injury. An hour of swimming can burn as many as 500 calories. Swimming is a great way to increase flexibility and range of motion.

The great thing about our aquatics center is that we offer classes for our adult members. Our Aqua Conditioning classes are group fitness classes meant for those looking for a turbo-charged aqua experience. This class includes high-intensity cardio and water resistance to gain strength, endurance, and overall body conditioning. The focus is on legs, arms, and abdominal work using water resistance and resistant equipment.

If classes are not for you, you can also get a private swim lesson. We offer private and semi-private lessons for swimmers with specific needs or those who desire one-on-one instruction.

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Swim Lesson Inquiry

Swim Lesson Inquiry