Aquatic Physical Therapy

Aquatic physical therapy is a low impact exercise

Water or pool therapy has long been used as an adjunct to traditional land-based therapy techniques. Soul Physical Therapy specializes in using water as a medium for therapeutic treatment and exercise. This fun and effective approach offers a unique, comprehensive program to meet a wide range of patient needs.

Low impact physical therapy needs to be done with care and water is an ideal environment for therapy. Buoyancy greatly reduces body mass and provides support, which allows for easier and less painful movement. This also permits a range of motion exercise to begin earlier than is possible on land.

The drag force from water provides resistance to increase strength and stability while the hydrostatic pressure assists in reducing swelling. The aquatic environment promotes healing and reduces pain. It is ideal for athletic injuries, back and neck injuries, post-surgical rehabilitation, neurological and arthritic conditions. Using various pieces of equipment and water dynamics, our therapists develop therapeutic exercise routines to maximize the properties of water to match the patient’s ability.

Commonly Asked Questions

Q: It always hurts to exercise. Why should I try it now?
A: The upward force of buoyancy supports the body, reducing weight bearing and compressive forces, in turn, reducing pain while still being able to exercise.

Q: What if I am too weak to exercise?
A: Buoyancy also provides support, assisting the muscles with movement. Once stronger, the water provides resistance creating a progressive exercise program with the goal of increasing function on land.

Q: I can’t swim, is it safe?
A: Yes. We use floatation equipment for support in deep water and/or shallow water exercise is utilized. The therapist works closely with the patient until they feel comfortable.

Come visit our health club in Beverly today to learn more about our aquatic physical therapy. If you have any questions, please email the Clinic Director at [email protected] or call 978-524-0333.