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big delicious strawberry smoothie

Get Refreshed at BAC’s Organic Smoothie Bar

We use only 100% Natural and Clean ingredients, free of all GMO’s, artificial ingredients and synthetic sweeteners. In fact, even our Proteins and Supplements are whole-foods based and free of all Hormones and Antibiotics. We are about are 80% Organic and 100% GMO free!”

Our Smoothie Bar is designed to help members of the club, and community at-large, achieve their performance, and more importantly wellness, goals by offering complete nutrition exactly when they need it. After all, nutrition is just as important, if not more, than exercise – one could argue that it’s 80% of the battle. Exercise and nutrition are a team, they work together to help us achieve total fitness. The timing of the nutrients is just as important as the quality and quantity, so what a better place to get that than at our Juice Bar. When a member works out, he or she has a limited time to optimize recovery; if this 30 minute window is missed, then all of the work of exercise cannot be fully realized.

At BAC we offer nutritionally-balanced shakes and snacks that fit everyone’s nutritional requirements. We have smoothies, snacks and supplements to fit everyone’s needs from Kids to the Silver Sneakers crowd. Whether just looking for a meal replacement, recovery, detox, breakfast, trim & low-cal or lifestyle shakes. Whether looking for a recovery or a quick grab-and-go snack, Beverly Athletic Club’s whole-food’s juice bar will have it!

Beverly Athletic Club trains their staff on proper nutrition and promoting to their members the importance of recovering after exercise as well as eating properly to achieve a better quality of life.