Booty Barre

How can I attend body barre classes?

We offer body barre classes in our barre studio at Beverly Athletic Club. This sexy, energetic, and fun workout fuses fitness techniques from dance, Pilates, and yoga that will tone, define and chisel the whole body. Plus, you don’t even need any dance experience and you certainly don’t need a partner. By simply doing your best, you are getting an effective workout.

The Booty Barre® method is the perfect combination of strength and flexibility with added cardio to burn fat fast. Barre classes are held at both of our locations and you don’t need to be a member to attend.

Our members have several options to attend classes, but non-members of either club are welcome to attend barre as a fee-based class.

Passport Memberships include regularly scheduled barre classes at both 7 Reservoir Rd and Beverly Athletic Club Express in Cummings Center.

Beverly Athletic Club Main Memberships club only memberships include regularly scheduled barre classes at 7 Reservoir Rd. only. Classes taken at the Beverly Athletic Club Express location would be fee-based.

Express Memberships do not include barre classes. However members are welcome to attend barre in either location as a fee-based class with discounted member rates.

For more information on the program or details about our barre studio or classes, please contact [email protected]