High-Intensity Training Will Give You Powerful Results

  If high-intensity group training is your kind of thing, then check this out. HIIT BAC training at Beverly Athletic Club is a whirlwind workout with short bursts of high-energy, cardio exercises that will torch calories, blast fat, and boost oxygen levels. Talk about creating a powerful fitness workout for the whole body! Simple interval training exercises start with a warm-up before the real action begins. Workout as hard as you can for 20 seconds, take a much-needed 10-second rest and then go again! Medicine balls, battling ropes, rowers, ski ergometers, plyo boxes and kettlebells will stretch, challenge and work the body from every angle in an intense circuit training program geared toward fat burning. Work your way around exercise stations and finish sets of designated exercises too. With HIIT training at our Beverly gym, you’ll work up a real sweat shedding unwanted pounds and coming out the other side feeling exhilarated and energized like never before! Come by Beverly Athletic Club today to check out our group training programs for high-intensity workouts.  
hiit group fitness logo at beverly athletic club in beverly ma