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Thank You Beth !

September 7, 2020

Dear Members: 

Unfortunately,  Beth has chosen to step away from the studio this week to pursue other career opportunities.   Beth started as a member of the club, became an instructor, and stepped into a management role on the club’s leadership team.  She has always had the best interest of our members and staff in every aspect of what she has done for the club. 

Beth has always had a positive impact on the overall operation of the entire club.   She has championed many special events that have only enhanced the sense of our community.  She was the driving force behind opening Soul Movement and creating a true sanctuary for our members.  In addition, all of her ideas and insight on how to better service the family market in the greater Beverly community has helped us grow the club as a whole.

Beth’s dedication to the program is evident as she embraced delivering our Group Ex Program to our community in this new normal.   It was work, it was challenging, talking about the GE experience was confusing, but she  has helped modify the entire program for our members.  The amazing team that she has recruited is nailing it!   The GE Community is alive at BAC…it doesn’t matter how they are experiencing it….you are together!   

Personally and professionally I want to say THANK YOU, and I am very happy for you, and wholeheartedly understand and support your move.  You will leave a void and even though we won’t hear from you for the short term, I am hopeful that at some point you will return to the stage and once again PUMP our members up. 

Like every aspect of life at the present time, we are evolving into the new normal. Masks, barriers and virtual group ex doesn’t change who we are, just how we are serving you at the moment.   Our community is still here and more and more of you are returning each day.   Like all of the instructors in GE, they are your friends and many of you have relationships with them outside the studio….and Beth is no different, after each class …she is always there chatting with you and asking about the kids, or life in general.   I realize the “program” and the “community” is different at the moment………but Beth leaves us with a very strong foundation to continue to build upon in the weeks and months to come.   I truly believe that the club’s Group Ex program is key in the club thriving through this uncertain time…and I am committed to you and the entire team.

Thank you again Beth, for all you have done for your members, your team and myself personally.   I wish you the best of luck in your next chapter.  I know I speak on behalf of all BAC staff and most importantly our members: you will be missed.   You leave behind a strong program that will be able to pivot during this time with a foundation that we can grow upon. 

Stay strong. Stay healthy. Stay positive. We will get through this together.