Infant & Toddler Swimming Classes

Youngsters learn to swim with dedicated aquatics classes at the award-winning Beverly Athletic Club’s saltwater Aquatic Center.

  • Waterbabies
    Babies will become more comfortable in the water while bonding with a parent. Bubble blowing, kicking and floating, familiar songs and acquainting parents with swim holds are all part of the delightful experiences.
  • Water Toddlers
    Toddlers learn swim skills in the secure arms of their parent. Signing activities and games make it fun as they blow bubbles, kick and float. Determination will improve with the ability to separate from parent.
  • Nursery Swim
    First-time swimmers or children who are timid in the water will become more comfortable and safe as they learn basic kicking, arm strokes and submerging their faces.

For more information, please contact us at or call 978-927-0920 Ext: 16

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Swim Lesson Inquiry

Swim Lesson Inquiry