exterior facade of beverly athletic club gym

A time to reflect

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Yesterday marked the beginning of week 4.  In 2001 when Ed purchased the club, he informed the team that it wasn’t about the equipment or the physical plant.   It truly was about the members, relationships and the team.  That’s the secret sauce that has made BAC a successful club.  I agreed with him then, and have tried to manage, and hire around that thought process over the years.

The last few weeks has solidified those words that Ed brought to his first all staff meeting.   I have spent the last four weeks in a dark building that has no energy.  It’s missing the thumping of a treadmill, the voices from a studio as a kick ass class kicks off, the sounds of the blender mixing up a recovery shake.  It’s missing the little BACers that are so happy to be able to hit the club’s saltwater pool.  The client that is running late for a training session and the trainer that is saying let’s go…you will feel better on the other side.   The eclectic group of front-line team members and professional staff that keep every aspect of this place thriving and evolving daily.   But most importantly it’s missing you, our members.

I have had the honor of watching this club evolve since 2001, and it’s amazing who we have become with two great locations in Beverly.  Yes, the fitness and wellness industry is different today than it was in 2001, but we have never lost sight of our core values as we need evolve for our members and our community.   Yes, inside the four walls of the club we have transformed spaces into new studios and wellness offices and physical therapy and so much more.   But without our members it’s nothing but a building.  The last few weeks we all have had to pivot to an uncertain new normal.   Being in the business of wellness, we have also had to pivot find ways to be connected to you, and we are still learning this new normal.   I personally know we can do more for you.  I also have been concerned about our team, I have been trying to stay connected with all of them as we need them to get ready to return once we can reopen BAC for you and the community.

I have spent a lot of time in the last few weeks thinking of what Ed said when he purchased the club back in 2001. Ed brought lots of resources and industry knowledge that helped propel the club to what it has become…a club that wins awards.  The real award is that we change lives every day.    The leadership team and I spent the first day we were closed discussing what would BAC be when it reopened.   We agreed we won’t be the club that closed on March 16.th What does that mean?   How will social distancing effect the health & wellness business? How long will we be closed? We have thought about so many different scenarios.  The main elements of the secret sauce are still the same, but the times will be different.  I personally think we will be better on the other side.  I believe we have learned from this and we have so much more work to do for the members we serve.   We have tons of raving fans but we can do more for them, and more for the community that needs us.  We need to focus on how to continue to be the leader in community wellness.

The secret sauce has a key ingredient, and that’s YOU our members.   My team is going to need you on the other side of this.  We need to see you in the studios, on the floor with a trainer or on the cardio deck going for a long run on the treadmill and getting your favorite smoothie at the recovery bar.   We are working daily on getting the club ready for your return while finding ideas to stay connected with you.   I speak on behalf of the entire team, we miss you, we can’t wait to see you, we are hear for you.   Please let me know what we can do for you.  I can be reached at andrew@beverlyathletic.com.   Be safe, be strong #bacstrong