Assessment and Mobility Studio

A few weeks ago I hinted that BIG news was coming, but I didn’t give anyone much more information than that. I’ve been really busy getting everything in order and ready to go for this new venture. What is it I’ve been working on you ask?

Well now that the cat is out of the bag on a couple of changes that have been happening around the Beverly Athletic Club, it’s time to dive in a little deeper on exactly what those changes are. As mentioned by management at the Beverly Athletic Club, the two remaining racquetball courts have been removed, which was needed from a business stand-point for further expansion regarding the direction that the club is going.

It was a tough decision, but ultimately the removal of the Racquetball courts was made to enable us to expand our offerings making the club a happier and healthier place. We strive to continue providing the best atmosphere, classes, programs, etc… possible. During the busier times at the gym, we have adult programs being offered from one of our personal trainers, but this eliminates our ability to have the other personal trainers have an area to train their clients without taking space away from our members. The need for a new room was in order, so that the experience for both personal training clients and other members alike could remain at the high level we aim for. Moving into the old racquetball courts will allow for one room to be used for adult programs while the other room can still support personal training clients.

The use of the room also opens up the door for us to expand further into the community and bring in other offerings into the award-winning BAC. With the personal training studio moving, there is now an empty space in what is our current personal training studio, this is where I come into play.

I’ve been working with endurance athletes for quite some time as well as having over 20-years’ experience in endurance sports. This has always been a huge passion of mine, since I ran my first race when I was 4-years old. My passion has gone from just competing to coaching. I have put together both effective training programs and strength training programs for my one on one clients and numerous colleges, making strength & conditioning programs for their Cross Country programs. This has led to a much deeper understanding of the demands of the sport. I’ve dived deep into the literature and broken down what works while removing all the noise that just isn’t very effective. Endurance athletes have a lot of considerations to be able to be successful. Recovery is one of the biggest considerations, which makes or breaks how quickly an endurance athlete will continue to progress. This means that we need to make the program contain only what is needed and remove everything else.

This is why I decided there was finally a need to bring all of this knowledge to the forefront and put together services and programs that will help improve endurance athletes as well as other athlete’s ability to get better no matter their current level of ability or competition is.

With that said, I welcome you to the newest venture – Assessment and Mobility Studio.

I am beyond excited to launch this new venture and I am very appreciative to the management at the Beverly Athletic Club for seeing my vision and having faith in me to allow for this to be a possibility.

So what type of services will I be offering?

1. Kinstretch

2. 1 on 1 and Group Endurance Strength & Conditioning Programs

3. Moxy Zone Assessment Protocol

In the coming blogs, I will dive into exactly what each one of these opportunities entail!