5% more book

BAC member inspired by our very own Nicole Celso writes his second book

Michael Alden a long time resident of Beverly, Ma and member of BAC for over 25 years has written his second book and it all began here. A little over 2 1/2 years ago Mike’s girlfriend convinced him to take a spinning class. Mike is more of a weight room guy, but he decided to give it a try anyway. He immediately liked the workout and began to regularly attend. One class however changed his life.

One early morning class with Nicole was just like any other. Mike was riding up and down those imaginary hills and mountains. Pushing through the sprints but waiting for the cool down period. Then at the very end with less than 5 minutes to go, Nicole being the motivational, upbeat Rock Star that she is asked the class to do a little more in a way that he had never heard. Nicole asked the whole class to give her 5% More effort for the last 5 minutes. She explained that this little extra effort would pay off big, from burning more calories on the bike to burning more calories throughout the day to having a positive impact on your heart. Then she said something that resonated with Mike. She looked intensely like nobody else can with Electronic Dance music pumping and said “Anybody can do anything 5% More”. Mike literally pushed to his limit found a way to push more. But at that very moment he noticed that everyone including a pregnant woman gave that extra effort and probably more. The class ended and of course he wiped down the bike then immediately wrote down 5% More. His mind was racing with this concept and how it could be applied to all aspects of ones life. From fitness to, business, to academic’s even addiction. That class, that 5% moment became the #1 business book in the country. 5% More released this week and published by the prestigious publisher John Wiley and Sons has been picked by Amazon as a must read in business and leadership and is poised to be one of the top selling self-help, leadership and success books of the year. Mike reached out to us and wanted to do something special for our members and Nicole. Below is a link to order an e-copy of the book for only .99 cents and this link is just for BAC members. Every book that is ordered through this link, Mike is going to give TWO DOLLARS to Nicole or the charity of her choice. Let’s show Nicole how BAC members and their families rally behind each other and order a copy and share the link with a friend. Share via Facebook, Twitter and email. This is only available through Saturday so don’t delay.