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Fitness has it’s new normal.

safer and stronger bac community logo from beverly gym

What will be the new normal in fitness? 

It was a phrase used constantly as the pandemic began in March of 2020. Now some 26 months later we have come to it, the future of fitness is happening now – the new normal is here. 

As we emerge from the COVID induced self-isolation there appears to be a new drive behind individual’s outlook on health and fitness. Our quality of life and one’s overall health, including mental health and emotional needs, has moved fitness to a more holistic approach. 

Cam Corey, the Membership Services Director and Certified Health Coach for the Beverly Athletic Club speaks about this new terrain, “We have four Certified Health coaches who are waiting to help build a personalized workout routine just for you. It’s our job to fit into your life and meet you where are at as you walk through our doors.”  

A mind, body and emotional fitness experience is becoming an increasing trend for consumers. According to the, “fifty-nine percent of people surveyed said that they have become more focused on health and wellness since the pandemic started. Of those who are more focused, 60 percent said the pandemic has made them realize that they need to be healthier in order to withstand disease and illness.”

The Beverly Athletic Club is listening, Corey continues, “Now more people are consciously thinking about their immune systems, that means we need to make that effort too. We want to take care of people, so we have an AirPHX system and sanitation protocol so that members feel safe. We want our members to have the best possible workout experience.”

The Beverly Athletic Club wants to consider how everyone, individually will approach the health needs. For those members who may wish to remain in a hybrid world, allowing them to inch their way out of the virtual realm and back into the gym and the community, the club is there for them as well. The club is also going out into our community to be a presence at the Beverly Farmer’s Market this summer, as well as continuing their popular Fitness in the Park program at Lynch Park. They have an on-line presence where individuals can access classes from home. This also includes a Recovery Room, including meditative and wellness cool down videos that members can utilize at the BAC and at home on the spacious virtual library.

This new normal concept of quality of life and longevity has also been a natural take-away from the pandemic. The McKinley Health Institute recently reported that individuals must “embrace a modernized understanding of health, including physical, mental, social, and spiritual health, and the full richness of factors that influence those elements of holistic health.” With this increase in quality of life mindset there is an added intrigue of joining a gym that can offer many alternatives to physical/ mental health and wellness. 

What if I am motivated to workout, but get overwhelmed by going to a gym?

If club membership is new to you then accessing a club that will give you a many options to a successful workout might just be the key. Finding one, two or three activities that keeps you coming back for more may be a contributing factor to your decision.  With so many activities to access at the BAC you may become a yoga lover, a Spin master or a HIIT action figure.  

Holistic health & wellness has become a priority for many people and their workout choices may not be solely to get a good burn. The fitness community is dedicated to finding your new normal in your lifestyle and health choices. The pandemic has affected that change and in the end the Beverly Athletic Club is determined to ride that wave towards a new fitness landscape. We’d love to be a part of that journey with you.

–  Maureen Canney, MEd., MA.