friends at gym workout out together

Friends that Sweat Together Stay Together!

Working out with Friends can be a huge motivating factor in your health and wellness journey! Friends who exercise together were shown to train for longer, burn more calories, and visit their health club more regularly. Studies have shown that “64% of women who run as their exercise of choice, go to the gym or attend classes with their friends, push themselves harder than if they went alone and that during the average exercise session, women who exercise with friends burn up to 236 calories per session, compared to the 195 for women who prefer to go it alone.” Do you have a great workout routine? Bring a friend along! Have you been dying to try HIIT? Try it with a friend and dominate the class!

At the BAC we encourage you to find what motivates you! Bring a friend to work out, motivate each other to try a new class and step out of your comfort zone! Set goals with your friend and toast personal bests with a post-workout smoothie in our lobby. Working out with a friend also brings savings to your bank account! With our member referral program you save $5 per month when you have a friend join! Refer two to join, save $10 a month! What will you treat yourself to with all that extra cash? Gather those friends and bring in the savings, it will keep your wallet fuller and your waistline thinner!

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