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Healthy Business Community

A healthy business helps build a healthy community.  The Beverly Business community is the cornerstone of our city.  Beverly Athletic Club has been part of this community for almost 20 years.  Part of our success has been because of our Business to Business relationships with many that reside in the greater Beverly area.   We all know the impact that 2020 has had on our community personally and professionally.  We are thankful and grateful to be involved with so many wonderful businesses serving Beverly that have defined BAC as Beverly’s community club.  

We need to be healthy; mentally, physically and financially for the recovery of our community.  Our well-being and self-care are key factors in our recovery.   Beverly Athletic Club is part of the small business community that supports local non-profits, sports leagues, and other civic organizations.  The Greater Beverly Chamber of Commerce brings the business community together so we can better service our community.  The entire team at BAC is THANKFUL for what the GBCC has done for the community especially during the pandemic.  The GBCC will continue to be a key resource in bringing businesses back so all of the community can help support citizens of the greater Beverly Area. 

 During the month of November we want to build immunity and community at the BAC for you and your business. For $25 enjoy all that the BAC has to offer with a 2 week membership! All proceeds will benefit the Beverly Chamber of Commerce.  Stay fit at the BAC; your community, your club.   Please click here to benefit the GBCC 

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