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Keep Gyms Open

December 15, 2020

Mayor Mike Cahill and Chief of Staff Stephanie Bilotti

First, on behalf of all of our members and staff, we would like to thank you for your hard work as you navigate the city through this pandemic.  

I am writing to you concerned that we might be mandated to close our doors again.  We understand how deadly this virus is and know you are walking a fine line between keeping the citizens of Beverly safe and healthy, and trying to keep the economy moving forward.  

I know that you are passionate for fitness and wellness since both of you were involved in the industry prior to moving into local politics.   Because of this, you understand that exercise is medicine and you understand how essential we are to many of the citizens of Beverly.   I encourage you to visit the club and see the thousands of dollars we have spent to reopen our doors safely in order to support our members in their wellness journey.  Many other clubs and fitness boutiques have also done this same thing throughout our great city.  We hope that you can use your platform to help us educate people that Exercise is medicine. 

During the closure, we hired a registered dietitian to support members on nutrition.  We are about to launch a 4 week complimentary immunity program for our members and the community.  Like many businesses, we have pivoted so we can continue to try and survive.  Like many we don’t know what survival would look like on the other side of an additional closure.   It’s heartbreaking that I might have to tell my staff and our dedicated members once again we are closing, and this time in the middle of the holiday season. 

You and the City of Beverly have an opportunity here.  You believe Exercise is medicine, you have created bike lanes through the city to get people moving, and you continue to invest in greenspace for fitness and recreational purposes.   Please keep the fitness and wellness community in Beverly alive and open.  Help bring them a new campaign: “Shape Up Beverly.”  Let’s bring something good into 2021.

Let’s be the City…

  • Be the city that understands the emotional and physical benefits of exercise. 
  • Be the city that defines fitness and wellness businesses as essential.
  • Be the city that creates a movement of well-being out of something that has been so deadly. 
  • Be the city that sends a message to its citizens that you can workout and focus on your well-being in a safe manner.
  • Be the city that starts educating their constituents on the importance of exercise, health and fitness.

Outlined below are bullet points that set us apart from other non related industry businesses, and shows how the health clubs are positioned to partner in the well-being of citizens in Beverly and beyond.  We have always been equipped and had the foundation of the following:

  • Unlike other industries, gyms, health clubs and the fitness industry in general provide tremendous benefits to your physical and mental health. 
  • We have a great advantage when it comes to contact tracing since all members check in, and that check in is date and time stamped.  
  • Those not complying with COVID restrictions are losing their membership and are flagged upon check-in. 
  • Cleanliness and sanitation practices have been a long standard in our industry.   They are not new, but they have been greatly enhanced.  We provide a clean, and safe environment for working out. 
  • BAC is part of a Global Initiative and is committed to Providing a Safe Environment for Exercise. 

We have an opportunity with you to improve the overall health of the citizens of Beverly and lead by example as a city.

Stay strong. Stay healthy. Stay positive. We will get through this together.

Andrew Gallant

General Manager