NOW is the time to think about SUMMER!

Yes, it was less than 20 degrees outside this morning and yes, there are still ice/snow mountains scattered around town. Despite these unfortunate truths, now is the exact time YOU need to start thinking about preparing for summer.

Most people wait till it gets warm, the sun is out, your windows are down in your car….and then you realize those summer clothes don’t fit like they did when you put them away in September. How did this happen? But better yet, how do I get back to where I was? – That is where we come in!  Meeting with one of our Personal Trainers to jump start your fitness routine, trying out an Adult Program class, taking part in our Wellness Challenge….. all of these are avenues to help you find success in a timely fashion! Now keep in mind, it took you about 6 months to distance yourself from where you were last summer, so you won’t lose all of the weight or body fat over night. This is why starting when you are 8-12 weeks away from a goal, and getting on a plan to know what you are doing every week, is one of the best things you can do. If you wait until the weather gets really nice, you will have to work all summer to get to the position you’d like to be in, and then it will be September again!

Do yourself a solid, and reach out to our fitness department at [email protected] to learn about the best fit for you in regards to getting you to your goals. You will thank yourself in June!