theater production of the bodyguard musical

NSMT Master Classes @ BAC

We are so lucky to have North Shore Music Theatre as part of our community. Beverly Athletic Club (BAC) and North Shore Music Theatre (NSMT) have worked hand and hand for 20 plus years. We are the official gym of NSMT and many of the professional staff of NSMT are members of BAC. Over the years, it has been an honor to have the cast members of the shows be part of our wellness community. The cast brings a unique energy to the club’s fitness floor and studios. Many of our members have created lasting friendships with the cast members that continue to this day.

This season we launched a new kind of partnership with the creative team at NSMT to bring the phenomenal talents of the cast to the studios of BAC for our members and the community. From dance classes, to spinning, to creative workout sessions: these are just some of the offerings the cast members have delivered so far. Fitness & Wellness is obviously part of who they are. They need to stay in stellar shape for their rigorous performance schedule and rehearsals. Many cast members also teach classes in clubs and studios around the country when they aren’t on stage or are doing both. This unique partnership has created a buzz with the members, and they are asking: “What is the class line up for the next show?” “Can we get that type of class on the regular class schedule?”. It’s great to be out in the community and hear members talking about these classes and how they had to see the show after dancing or riding with the cast member. Creating relationships and a stronger community is a key value of BAC and we love seeing it fostered with our NSMT partnership.

The Bodyguard takes the stage at North Shore Music Theatre October 29th to November 10th and is directed and choreographed by Nick Kenkel. Nick has directed and choreographed several shows over the past few years including Legally Blonde, Dreamgirls, Chicago and Evita, but he first worked at NSMT as a performer in Sweet Charity in 2000 and has appeared in many shows over the years. We are thrilled to have this banner lineup of talented and gifted cast members deliver the following to our members and the community.

Zumba with Raylon Bivins

Sunday, November 3rd at 10:35 am

“Get Lifted” Training with Taylor Jane Green

Tuesday, November 5th at 8:30 am

Latin Jazz Dance with Gabriel Reyes

Tuesday, November 5th at 11:30 am

Hip Hop Dance with Rob Coglitore

Friday, November 8th at 12 Noon

Please join us for these amazing opportunities and make sure to check out the The Bodyguard at North Shore Music Theatre. Remember NSMT is also part of the club’s rewards program, for more details on that program, please click here.

If you aren’t a member of BAC, please come as my guest and experience one of these amazing classes and see what we have to offer! Your Community, Your Club.

Andrew Gallant, General Manager