Nutrition Consultation At The Beverly Athletic Club

This summer we are pleased to announce BAC will be introducing nutritional counseling back into our facility!

How Important Is Nutrition?

Nutrition is not just a game of what to eat and when. Our nutrition is truly our identity. It is our expression. Our bodies are products of our nutrition. If exercise is the movement our bodies need, nutrition is the fuel that keeps it going and for how long. If you put crappy fuel in an automobile, will the car run optimally? Most likely not. It will be inefficient, and not last as long as the Car & Driver says it will go. Or, it will at least cost you more to repair down the road. Doesn’t this sound much like annoying medical bills? The interesting thing about this analogy is that we are also NOT vehicles. Our bodies need fuel to run, but our food choices are diverse, and the body’s diverse abilities to EXPRESS those nutrients are vast.

How Important is Diet in Conjunction with Exercise?

When comparing exercise and diet the subjects that simply dieted lost ~4% more body fat than exercise alone (1). The diet and exercise group in conjunction came on top by losing ~6% more than just exercise alone (1),

What Does This Tell Us?
Nutrition is an important component of the lifestyle change. At BAC we will work to show you how a dynamic eating plan will yield greater results than from just your workout routine alone!

What Does This Entail?

In these discussions we will create a dynamic plan that is tailored to you to allow you to make positive changes to your eating for your day to day living.

  1. Healthy strategies to lose 20 lbs in 6 months?
  2. Need remedies to accommodate your busy schedule?
  3. Not eating enough protein during the day? We’ll show you how to change this!

What This Will Not Be

This will not be a diet plan that gives you a rundown of everything you SHOULD eat and when. It is unrealistic to stick to a plan that stringent all day/everyday. And it discourages adherence to long term healthy nutrition. We want to COACH you on how to eat BETTER and more consistently throughout your day to day so you look and perform your best!

Don’t let the summer grind of cookouts and beach days bog you down! Members get a 20% discount through the end of July! We look forward to hearing from all of you!

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1.foster-shubert K, Alfano C. et al. Effect of diet and exercise, alone or combined,on weight and body composition in overweight to obese menopausal women. Obesity (Silver Spring, MD),  2012;20(8): 1628-1638:doi:10.1038/oby2011,76