man in a business suit holding weights

Your Company’s Greatest Asset: Healthy Employees

We all know the benefits of exercise, losing weight, sleeping better, stress relief and much more.  However, did you know it can also save your business money?

Employee wellness programs are extremely effective in combating the rising cost of Health Care.  The U.S. Department of Health and Services reported employee wellness programs reduce healthcare costs anywhere from 20 to 55 percent and short term sick leave by 32 percent.

The health and wellness of employees affects much more than just medical costs.  With the implementation of a wellness at work program, organizations will see enhanced recruitment and retention of healthy employees, reduced employee absenteeism, improved moral and increased productivity.  Adults spend a majority of their waking hours at work, making it an ideal place to promote healthy lifestyle changes.

It has been proven that exercise has many positive effects on work performance.  Employees who engage in regular physical activity take less sick days and are more productive when they are in the office compared to their more sedentary coworkers.  Wellness at work programs can also play an important role in raising employee morale.  Exercise leads to increased focus, productivity and reduced stress.

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