african american man foam rolling at gym

Foam Rolling

Foam rolling is a very important yet overlooked step in any workout. Foam rolling will benefit you in many ways and your body will thank you for it! Studies have shown that foam rolling before a workout can help increase range of motion, warm up the body, and loosen any sore or achy muscles.  This helps your performance when doing your workout because it will allow you to move better, safer and more efficient. It has been known to decrease the effects of DOMS as well. DOMS is delayed onset muscle soreness that occurs a day or two after a hard workout. By decreasing this we are able to recover faster and in turn get more out of that next workout. 

Foam rolling allows for myofascial release to help tight muscles return to their form by separating the fibers. This allows the tissue to return to its true integrity. You can also foam roll after a workout and receive benefits from it. Foam rolling helps speed up the recovery process by increasing blood flow to your tissues. It is important to stay consistent when foam rolling to ensure the benefits will be kept.

-Alex Johnson, Fitness Director